Linear - BDTIC Distributor LINEAR Products


Signal Conditioning
Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps)
Voltage References
RMS-DC Conversion
Thermocouple Compensators
Switched Cap Building Blocks
信誉彩票平台Precision Resistor Network
Signal Chain µModule Receivers
Data Conversion
Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC)
Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC)
Switches and Multiplexers
Signal Chain µModule Receivers
Power Management
LDO Linear Regulators
Switching Regulator
µModule Regulators
信誉彩票平台PMIC & Multifunction
Inductorless (Charge Pump) DC/DC Converters
LED Driver ICs
Battery Management
Monitor, Control and Protection
Hot Swap Controllers
Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Interface Controllers
Current Sources
Energy Harvesting
Supercapacitor Chargers
信誉彩票平台Power Control
RS232/RS562 Transceivers
RS485/RS422 Transceivers
Multiprotocol Transceivers
Isolated Transceivers
I2C and SMBus Bus Buffers and Accelerators
SIM Interface
IO-Link Transceivers
CAN Transceivers
Extended Temperature (H & MP) Interface
信誉彩票平台RF & Wireless
Upconverting Mixers
Downconverting Mixers
I/Q Modulators
I/Q Demodulators
信誉彩票平台PLL Synthesizers & VCOs
IF Amplifiers / ADC Drivers
Variable Gain Amplifiers
Unity Gain Buffer Amplifiers
Wideband Active Filters
RF Schottky Peak Detectors
RF Log Detectors
RF RMS Detectors
信誉彩票平台Low Power Transceivers
Power Amplifier Controllers
Optical Communications
Signal Chain µModule Receivers
Silicon Oscillators
信誉彩票平台PLL Synthesizers VCOs
Clock Generation and Distribution
Extended Temperature (H & MP) Timing
µModule Solutions
µModule Regulators
µModule LED Drivers
µModule Battery Chargers
信誉彩票平台Signal Chain µModule Receivers
Space & Harsh Environment
Extended Temperature Plastic (H & MP)
Space Qualified Products
Military Hermetic (M)
X Grade Products
Wireless Sensor Networks
SmartMesh IP
SmartMesh WirelessHART
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